Wyld (the Power of a Brand): Encouraging an Adventurous Spirit


    (WYLD is one of the companies featured in The Power of a Brand: Lessons From 20 Top Cannabis Companies, in the June issue of mg Magazine.)

    WYLD is untamed and true to its very nature,” said Claire Wilson, marketing manager for the Portland, Oregon-based company. The founders grew up hiking, camping, and snowboarding all over the Pacific Northwest, which provided inspiration for an edibles brand that celebrates the wild, Edenic land.



    “WYLD invites you to forge your own path and push yourself beyond the limits,” Wilson said. In doing so, the brand aligns itself with other companies that have similar values and a shared appreciation for the outdoors. The company has sponsored the nonprofit Adventures Without Limits and Banff Mountain Film Festival in Portland, as well as Friends of Trees, which helps develop green spaces in urban areas.The products and the dynamic are a natural fit.

    Demonstrating a company-wide vision of adventure, environmental responsibility, and strength of character, Wilson and her WYLD team seem to be everywhere, educating, talking about the brand and the outdoors, and getting to know consumers. “We want to prove cannabis can go toe-to-toe with any industry and provide a model for other businesses inside and outside the cannabis industry,” she said. In fact, working to help eliminate the stigma surrounding cannabis has created exciting challenges for her team. The message they are passionately spreading is that WYLD offers consumers more than just a cannabis chocolate; the brand offers nature’s wildness itself in the flavor of a freshly picked raspberry or huckleberry. “Our ability to produce consistent, reliable products is rewarded by the loyalty and respect of cannabis consumers from all walks of life,” Wilson said. “WYLD is a brand that enhances and adds to your lifestyle. This allows consumers to explore and curate whatever experience they see fit.”