‘We’re Being Prescribed Opioids Like Candy’ Despite Reams of Positive Data on Cannabis: Medical Cannabis Exec Allan Rewak | Cannabis Culture


People are justifiably excited over the groundbreaking legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis in Canada and several American states. But it’s important not to overlook the crucial role that medical cannabis plays every day in the lives of millions. So what does medical cannabis mean in a legalizing world? And how can patients best get access to medicine they need? At the 2019 World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, New Brunswick, four panelists discussed these questions and more at a session on ‘Advocating for the Medical Cannabis Market and its Patients.’

Dr. Jamie Cox, Chief Medical Officer at Sundial, became involved in the cannabis industry three years ago when he started exploring quality outcome metrics and the issues in polypharmacy (a patient’s use of multiple medications at the same time).

“I just wasn’t seeing quality outcomes. Let’s be clear, when you’re taking a drug you’re not curing the illness—you are treating the symptoms.”

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