This Cannabis Facility in Santa Rosa, California, Is the Coolest Tour You’ll Take All Year | Cannabis Culture


Dennis Hunter spent six and a half years in federal prison for growing cannabis.

“I ended up going on the run, looking at a really long sentence,” said Hunter. “I was a fugitive for about four and a half years and then they caught me.”

Today, Hunter is the CEO of CannaCraft, the Santa Rosa, California-based company that makes some of the most popular products available for sale at dispensaries across California. There’s absoluteXtracts, a leader in strain-specific, high THC cannabis oil. Then there’s Care By Design, the brand name for a variety of CBD-rich products, as well as Satori, an edible line. The CannaCraft facilities sprawl through a suite of corporate offices, raw manufacturing space, packaging floors, and distribution warehouses. It’s as much a pot-lover’s paradise as a pantheon to engineering, technology, and efficiency.

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