The Taste, Feel, and Shimmer of Women’s Luxury Cannabis Products Show the Industry Is Growing Up | Cannabis Culture


There’s been plenty of talk about how cannabis has gone mainstream. With the majority of states legalizing some form of cannabis use and last year’s Farm Bill permitting industrial hemp growth in the U.S. again, cannabis advocates are now turning their attention towards the end of federal prohibition.

The fallout of cannabis transforming from the pinnacle of the counterculture to something over 6-in-10 Americans support legalizing presents a new problem for cannabis retailers. For decades, the illicit nature of pot created its own mythos, whose flames were fanned by music legends and cult movie classics. Now, the rug has been pulled out from retailers who are looking to discover what makes people buy pot once it is legal.

Or, as Brendan Bures wrote for the Observer: “Cannabis clearly doesn’t have the burden of being ‘cool’ anymore.”

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