The Latest Trend in Cannabis: ‘Hauter’ Cuisine | Cannabis Culture


Microdosing and terpene-pairing are about to give a whole new meaning to the high in ‘haute cuisine’.

The first time 30-year-old Sarah Best saw a Levo—a slender countertop appliance that could easily pass as a Nespresso machine—she knew it was the answer to her prayers. It was January 2019, and Best was at Love Child Social House, a co-working and event space in Toronto, for a demonstration on cooking with cannabis.

The Levo machine seemed pretty simple to use. It contained a reservoir that held a few cups of fat—olive oil, butter or coconut oil, for example—and a pod to hold the dried “herb” of one’s choice. Pop the herb pod into the oil, set the temperature and timer, and walk away. After a few hours, herb-infused oil is dispensed for use in cooking, baking or garnishing dishes.

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