The High Life of Weed Dude Vol. 33: Putting Bud Billboards on the Courthouse


Welcome back to The High Life of Weed Dude, a pot picaresque about an anthropomorphic weed plant who’s forced to leave his cannabis garden due to a chemtrail raid by the government. After getting booted from his farm, the humanlike herb moves to NYC to start selling ganja — which, of course, he can grow off his own body.

In volume #33 of our alternate-history endo adventure, Weed Dude and his canna-crew begin advertising their newly-legal weed brands, Weed-Glo™ and Flame-Glo™. The former gets you literally lit (as in glowing…) and the latter is a dual “lighter and masturbation device.” 

Naturally, the THC team decides to put their fancy bud billboards right on top of the New York City courthouse. But how will tokers and the pot-loving public see their advert at night when the lights are low? Luckily, Weed Dude has a plan for that…

Dig into the dank visual feast below, created by the inimitable Mike Diana. And for more on the series, re-visit the previous installment here.




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