Strain Review: Pink Lady –


If you’re looking for an invigorating cannabis strain with a sweet taste, balanced effects, and smooth smoke, you can’t go wrong with Pink Lady. While its lineage is somewhat of a mystery, Pink Lady is well known for its balance of both sativa and indica genetics. It usually leans slightly more towards the sativa side, hence why it’s known as a stimulating strain that’s perfect for daytime use.

Pink Lady is a strain that’s easy for anyone to enjoy. While it has fairly high levels of THC, it gives you a high that makes you feel too good without being too overwhelmed. The uplifting qualities are great for your mental wellbeing while the indica effects can help with physical pain and tension. If you want to know more about this strain or even try it for yourself, read on for our Pink Lady strain review.

Pink Lady Effects

Pink Lady is a balanced hybrid strain that usually has a ratio of around 60:40 sativa to indica. As such, you can expect a stimulating head high along with a relaxing body high. This makes it perfect for daytime use, allowing you to focus on tasks and even get a boost in productivity without feeling too sedated.

A few hits of this strain will make you feel happy, social, and creative. If you need something to energize your mind and give you some inspiration, this is a good strain to go with. It’s also good for hanging out with friends and enjoying music, movies, and other tasks. The psychoactive effects will also make you feel curious and introspective, which can make this strain fun to enjoy alone.

Thanks to its indica genetics, you will also get a nice, smooth body high. This will help you relax and destress without putting you out of commission. Unlike strong indica strains, which can often leave you locked to the couch or ready to sleep, this will give you more of a smooth, enjoyable body high. You’ll still feel awake and alert, but you’ll also feel physically loose and relaxed.

This is a perfect strain for daytime use, especially for those who need some mental focus and creativity. It can also be useful as a wake-and-bake strain. It’s best avoided at night, as it can leave you too energized to sleep.

Pink Lady Effects

Pink Lady Medical Uses

Due to the great effects, Pink Lady is also fantastic to use as a medical marijuana strain. It has benefits for both your body and mind and can treat various kinds of symptoms.

Pink Lady is known as one of the best strains for ADD. While ADD sufferers may struggle to focus or stay mentally productive at times, Pink Lady can counteract these symptoms. Its stimulating sativa effects are perfect for improving focus and mental alertness.

It also enhances your mood. Since it’ll make you feel happy and euphoric, it can be very useful to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Those who suffer from chronic stress can also counteract their issues with a few hits of this uplifting strain.

The body high can also help treat all kinds of pain and physical discomfort. People often use this strain to treat Arthritis, cancer pain, fibromyalgia, muscle strains, and all kinds of other pain-related issues.

It can also help relieve migraines and nausea and boost your appetite. All in all, it’s a well-rounded medical strain, although some users may prefer stronger indica strains for physical symptoms.

Pink Lady Smell and Taste

Pink Lady also has a distinctive smell and taste. In fact, it can taste quite different from how it smells. Its buds give off a fresh, piney aroma, not too dissimilar from an air freshener. This can make a refreshing change from overly pungent strains.

However, when you smoke or vape this strain, the taste is much more pleasant. It has a sweet, fruity taste with tones of grapefruit. It also produces very smooth smoke, making it easy and enjoyable for anyone to consume.

Where to Buy Pink Lady Strain

Where to Buy Pink Lady Strain

If you want to try Pink Lady for yourself, you may be able to find it in your local store or dispensary. It’s categorized as a hybrid strain and often also known as Pink Kush.

However, to make things easier, you can also buy Pink Lady online. offers Pink Lady, along with a range of other cannabis strains, in various quantities. It starts at 3.5 grams for just $16.

Ordering online is quick and convenient. It’s now safe and legal to have marijuana delivered to your doorstep. However, every order is sent out in discreet packaging to protect your privacy.

Alternative Strains to Pink Lady

Pink Lady is a solid choice of strain thanks to its balance between sativa and indica and its uplifting effects. However, some users may want something a little different. Whether you want a more sedating strain, another hybrid or something different altogether, here are some alternative strains to Pink Lady.

Pink Nuken – Pink Nuken is a Canadian-bred strain which gets its genetics from Kish and God Bud. This results in a strong and soothing indica strain that is perfect for relaxation. This strain will help with pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety without being too overwhelming.

Mango Kush – Mango Kush is another sweet and fruity hybrid strain with well-balanced effects. Users often report feeling happy, energetic, and uplifted when under the influence of this popular strain.

Crystal Coma – Crystal Coma is another sativa-dominant hybrid. However, its high THC levels mean that after the initially uplifting high, you’ll soon get a deep relaxation that’ll make you stress-free and sleepy.

There are also plenty of other strains available, along with concentrates, edibles, oils, and all kinds of other marijuana products.


Pink Lady is a strain that’s perfect for stimulation. It’ll perk you up fast, giving you a sharp burst of energy, creativity, and motivation. It’s especially great as a daytime strain to give you an increase in focus. However, you can enjoy this at any time of the day as a fantastic mood-lifter and activity-enhancer. If you need a solid sativa-dominant hybrid, this is a top-notch choice.