Strain Review: Nuken –


If you want an indica strain that gives you a tranquil, dreamy buzz without being too overpowering, Nuken is a perfect choice. This classic Canadian strain crosses Kish and God Bud to create an indica that gives you a relaxing high that’s strong enough to take away pain and stress but not strong enough to put you to sleep.

The Nuken strain is ideal for those who want indica effects during the daytime while still remaining functional. It’s also a sweet strain to smoke thanks to the unique taste with hints of pine, banana, and even marshmallows. So what exactly are the effects of Nuken, what can you use it for, and where can you get your hands on it? Here’s our strain review of Nuken.

Nuken Effects

Nuken crosses the genetics of two indicas- God Bud and Kish (a descendant of Shishkaberry). As such, this is a strong indica-leaning strain and you should expect relaxing effects. The potency of Nuken can vary widely, with THC levels anywhere from 13% to 25%. Many users will find this strain soothing without being too overwhelming.

When you smoke or vape Nuken you’ll instantly start to feel a warm, relieving buzz going throughout your body which will provide relief for any physical tension. The calming effects make it very easy to kick back and relax, but you can enjoy the high while still being active and productive.

The head high is just as pleasant. Nuken sends you into a dreamy, cerebral head high. Initially, you’ll feel extremely happy and giggly, making it a fantastic social strain. As the high goes on, you may start to feel contemplative and get lost in your thoughts. It will, however, make you uplifted and optimistic, which can help prevent stress.

These soothing, dreamy effects make Nuken a good daytime indica. You can enjoy this strain without feeling like you need to lie down. You may experience a little dry mouth and dizziness, but these side effects are minimal and will soon pass.

Nuken Medical Uses

Nuken Medical Uses

The effects of Nuken are also great for medical users. It can give you fast relief for various symptoms without hitting you too hard. Of course, the body high will come in useful for all kinds of physical distress, but the head high can be just as useful for those who need a boost in mood and relief for stress.

Nuken can help relieve all kinds of pain. Just a few hits can instantly give you physical relief that will ward away chronic, nagging pain as well as helping with things like headaches and migraines. It can also help reduce inflammation and help heal things like cuts and bruises. These effects are useful for a wide array of physical symptoms.

Meanwhile, the dreamy head high can also help medical marijuana users. You’ll feel less anxious and depressed while under the influence of this indica strain. It can take your mind off any stresses and worries and put you in a more positive mood.

Nuken may also help with things like nausea and chronic fatigue. Overall, a few hits of this can instantly make you feel invigorated both mentally and physically. Users with severe symptoms of pain may want something stronger, but Nuken can handle most symptoms just fine and even leave you feeling relatively alert.

Nuken Smell and Taste

Nuken is also known for having a fairly unique smell and taste. It has a very natural aroma with a herbal and grassy scent. However, you’ll catch much more flavor when you smoke or vape it. Users often detect fruity banana and floral notes when inhaling Nuken. Some even compare it to the taste of marshmallows.

Many users find Nuken to be a very enjoyable strain when it comes to flavor. When you light up some Nuken buds, you’ll get some smooth, creamy smoke that’s easy to inhale. Vaping it can be even more enjoyable, with smooth flavorful vapor that goes down well.

Where to Buy Nuken Strain

Where to Buy Nuken Strain

Nuken is a popular homegrown Canadian strain and you’re likely to find it in many marijuana stores along with other indica strains. Many stores are beginning to open up across the country. However, if you don’t have a local store or would simply like more convenience, you can also buy it online.

You can buy Nuken online from for delivery anywhere in the country. Prices start at $27 CAD for 3.5 grams, but you can go all the way up to 28 grams for $149. This gives you a great price of around $5-8 per gram, depending on how much you buy.

You can also buy Nuken budder. This cannabis concentrate comes in a crumbly form with extra high levels of THC. As such, it’ll give you all of the effects of Nuken but with more potency. You can vape or dab budder for the best effects.

Alternative Strains to Nuken

Nuken is a high-quality strain that many cannabis users will enjoy. But if you want something a little different, there are plenty of alternative strains to check out. Here are a few worth trying.

Pink Nuken – Pink Nuken mixes the Nuken strain with another popular indica, Pink Kush. This results in stronger effects of euphoria and relaxation and a richer taste. If you want a slight upgrade from Nuken, this is a strain you’ll want to try out.

Blue Dream – If you want a more physically uplifting strain, Blue Dream is a solid sativa strain with great effects. It’ll give you a sharp boost in your mood and stimulate mental focus and creativity. It’s also known as one of the best medical strains due to its high levels of CBD and CBN.

Pineapple Express – Pineapple Express is a hybrid strain that’s renowned for its mix between sativa and indica effects. It’s also known for its delicious, fruity taste which makes it highly enjoyable to either smoke or vape.


Whether you need a recreational strain to relax with or a medical strain to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress, Nuken will suit you. This is a calming indica strain that you can use in the daytime to feel physically and mentally relieved yet still productive.