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When it comes to popular and recognizable marijuana strains, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the top choices, and for good reason. This delectable hybrid strain has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards and its influence can also be seen in other strains such as Platinum Cookies, Cookies Kush, and Thin Mints.

Just like actual Girl Scout Cookies, you’ll want more and more of this strain after the first try. The effects are stimulating yet soothing and the sweet aroma makes it even better. You can enjoy it at pretty much any time of the day and the effects can vary depending on how much of it you smoke. Want to know more about the effects, medical benefits, and flavor of this world-famous strain? Here’s our strain review of Girl Scout Cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies Effects

Although it leans about 60% towards sativa, Girl Scout Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds. The uplifting mental buzz is accompanied by calming physical effects that flow throughout your body. As such, this strain has a nice mix of effects that practically every cannabis user will love.

You’ll feel a lot more blissful and carefree when you take a hit of GSC. It’ll quickly boost your mind with a burst of dopamine, making you feel optimistic and motivated. It’ll also give your mind a nice jolt of creativity and curiosity. Whether you like to play music, watch movies or just chill on the couch playing video games, every activity will feel more intriguing and rewarding.

The head high gets stronger as time goes on, and can start to make you feel dreamy and hazy after a while. This makes it great for relaxation, along with its indica effects that flow throughout your body with smooth, soothing effects. But as relaxing as it can be, you can still stay alert and focused, making it a good choice for a daytime strain or for social activities.

It has a high THC percentage of around 22-25% which may make it a little potent for some beginner users. However, with such enjoyable effects, pretty much any weed user can relish the recreational effects of GSC.

Girl Scout Cookies Medical Uses

Girl Scout Cookies isn’t just one of the best recreational marijuana strains. It can also help you with a wide variety of medical issues. In addition to its high THC levels, GSC has a decent amount of CBD which gives a nice boost to its health perks.

Naturally, GSC is a fantastic strain for relieving mood disorders and poor mental health. It can help counteract symptoms of anxiety and depression and make you feel much more happy and motivated. If you need something to use before starting the day or going to a party, it’s always a good choice. Even if you’re just dealing with the stresses of day-to-day life, smoking this will help you unwind at the end of the day.

The physical effects also come in handy. Whether you’re dealing with an injury or nagging chronic pain from a medical condition, it can help relieve your body. It’ll also help reduce headaches and migraines and take away issues such as muscle aches and strains.

You can expect to get the munchies, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many medical marijuana patients can benefit from the boost in appetite it gives you, and it’ll make you enjoy food even more. You can also expect to get dry eyes and dry mouth, although this is par for the course with pretty much any marijuana strain.

Girl Scout Cookies Smell and Taste

GSC is renowned more for its amazing effects than the taste, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have more to offer. The strain has a nice mix of both sweet and earthy tones with a lot of flavor. You might also catch some hints of floral and honey scents.

The smell is fairly sweet and pungent, but the taste really brings the flavor out of it. Smokers will enjoy the dank yet sweet taste of GSC. Vaping it can bring out even more of the flavor. Just like the real thing, Girl Scout Cookies will treat your taste buds well.

Where to Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular marijuana strains. As such, you’ll likely find it in many marijuana stores and dispensaries, usually categorized as a hybrid strain. However, for extra convenience and affordability, you may want to buy Girl Scout Cookies online. offers high-quality Girl Scout Cookies buds available for delivery all over Canada. Prices start at $32 CAD for 3.5 grams, but you can go as high as $219 for an ounce (28 grams). Every order is packaged with freshness and discretion in mind so you can get your weed without any hassle.

You can also try out GSC in other forms. For instance, if you want a more potent product, buy Girl Scout Cookies Shatter for powerful hybrid effects. Vape fans can also check out the Girl Scout Cookies Vape Kit.

Alternative Strains to Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is one of the best all-rounders out there, but some users may want to try something different. Whether you want something that leans more towards indica or sativa, here are some of the best alternative strains to Girl Scout Cookies.

Ginger Snap Cookies – Ginger Snap Cookies is another great hybrid strain that crosses Girl Scout Cookies with Fire OG. With a spicier taste and stronger indica effects, this strain suits those who want to mellow out and relax.

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its blueberry taste and balanced effects. In addition to the smooth body and head high that it gives you, it’s also known as a top-notch medical strain for tackling pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and all kinds of other issues.

Grape Cookies – Another offshoot of GSC, this strain crosses Girl Scout Cookies with Grape Kush to create a soothing indica-dominant hybrid. It has a rich flavor that’s reminiscent of wine and the effects are great for relaxing in the evening.


It’s easy to see why Girl Scout Cookies is a favorite strain for many users all over the world. You can enjoy the effects at any time of the day, whether you need something to lift you up in the morning or something to keep you focused during the day. Plus, if you want more relaxing effects, you can smoke more of it to feel more of the hard-hitting THC content. It’s a strain that’s truly worthy of its accolades.