Strain Review: Blue Dream –


Blue Dream is a strain that suits its name well. With a sweet blueberry aroma and dreamy euphoric effects, it’s a strain that anyone looking for a smooth hybrid will love. Despite its relaxing effects, Blue Dream is actually fantastic for productivity. It’ll make you high enough to take away any kind of stress or tension yet also give you the energy and motivation to take on all kinds of tasks.

If you enjoy delicious-tasting marijuana strains, it’s a top choice. It’s also a great pick for medical users who want relief for both physical and mental symptoms. It’ll also suit anyone who wants a manageable recreational high where they still feel clear and focused. Here’s our strain review for Blue Dream.

Blue Dream Effects

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that crosses the indica strain Blueberry and sativa strain Haze. This gives you a nice combination of dream-like indica euphoria and sharp mental stimulation from its sativa genetics. Many users will find this strain gives them one of the most enjoyable balanced hybrid highs.

It’s particularly well-renowned for the sativa head high it delivers. A few puffs of this will instantly make you feel happy and carefree. It’ll also stimulate your mind and enhance your senses. You’ll feel more creative and mentally focused, making it a favorite strain for writers and musicians. It’ll also make you feel much more carefree and euphoric. Anyone having a bad day can bring themselves out of it with a bit of Blue Dream.

The physical effects are also enjoyable. As a hybrid strain, it provides a nice, soothing indica body high. It will relieve you of any physical tension, although you’ll still feel energetic and active. It’s a nice calm high that puts you at ease without putting you out of commission.

The sativa head high is particularly strong with Blue Dream, which makes it a top choice for a morning strain. However, with its balanced effects, you can really enjoy it at any time of the day. It’s a strain that gives you all of the best effects of marijuana.

Blue Dream Medical Uses

Blue Dream Medical Uses

With a nice balance of indica and sativa benefits, Blue Dream is a stellar medical marijuana strain. It can give you relief for many symptoms, both physical and mental. It isn’t too overpowering and makes for a very nice and smooth medical high.

The body effects can help instantly relieve physical pain. Whether you have a chronic pain condition or you need relief for general aches and strains, it can give you some nice effects to counteract these issues. It’ll also relieve headaches and migraines and make you feel more physically relaxed all over. It can be very useful in this sense for stress and tension.

However, the main draw of Blue Dream is its mentally uplifting effects. It’s one of the best strains for depression and anxiety. Studies show that smoking cannabis can relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress in just a couple of puffs, and Blue Dream is a shining example of this.

The happy and euphoric effects can instantly bring you out of a bad mood and free your mind of negative thoughts. Blue Dream can also counteract fatigue and make you more motivated. All in all, it’s a great medical strain, especially for the mood benefits.

Blue Dream Smell and Taste

Another one of Blue Dream’s most significant attributes is its aroma and taste. The mix between Blueberry and Haze results in a delicious, rich flavor which both smells and tastes incredible.

You’ll instantly notice sweet, blueberry notes from this strain. It’s a pleasant smell that will please your senses.

The taste can be just as nice. The smoke can tantalize your taste buds, although it may be a little thick. Vaping this strain is particularly smooth and a great way to fully enjoy the fresh fruit flavor.

Where to Buy Blue Dream

Where to Buy Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a popular hybrid strain which can be found in many stores and dispensaries. Users in certain towns and cities will be able to find local marijuana stores to buy their strains. However, buying online is often an easier option.

Sites like offer cannabis delivery all over the country. Every order is sent discreetly so you can get weed and other marijuana products straight to your door without any troubles.

There are multiple ways to enjoy Blue Dream. For instance, you could try the Blue Dream Vape Kit. This gives you everything you need to vaporize Blue Dream and enjoy its tasty flavor and great effects.

It’s also available in distillate form. You can infuse all kinds of foods, drinks, and other products by using Blue Dream distillate extracts. These potent products can really help you feel the full benefits of Blue Dream.

Alternative Strains to Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a great choice when it comes to hybrid marijuana strains. But if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other strains worth trying out. Here are some of the best alternative strains to Blue Dream.

Blueberry – The blueberry strain is one of the parent strains of Blue Dream, hence why they both have the delicious blueberry aroma. Blueberry is an indica which will give you a more powerful relaxing body high. It’s great for nighttime use.

Girl Scout Cookies – Also known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular hybrid strains out there. It couples a nice soothing body high with trippy cerebral effects. It’s a strong strain that can get you very high very fast.

Purple Haze – Purple Haze is a powerful sativa strain which is known by many due to the Jimi Hendrix song dedicated to it. It’s known for its unique appearance and strong psychedelic effects.


With a nice balance of both sativa and indica genetics, Blue Dream is one of the best hybrid strains. It’ll make you feel good both mentally and physically, and it’s also fantastic for many medical symptoms. If you want a strain that tastes great and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, Blue Dream is always a stellar choice.