Smoking vs Vaping: Which is better for health? –


There has a long been a debate for weed enthusiasts about smoking vs vaping. Which will give you stronger effects? Which is more convenient? Which is more enjoyable? And most importantly, which is better for your health? Both of these methods have their pros and cons, but many users wonder which one is really better.

Smoking and vaping are similar in many ways. They both provide a convenient, easy, and fast way to get the effects of cannabis. However, the simple difference between either burning your weed or heating it up to inhale the vapor can make all the difference, especially when it comes to health. Here’s a guide on smoking vs vaping: which is better for health?

Benefits of Smoking

Smoking weed is probably the most common way to use it. It’s a time-tested and proven method that only takes a little know-how and can get you high fast. You can smoke in various different ways, either by rolling your cannabis into a joint or blunt or by simply putting it in a bong or pipe and lighting up.

Many users choose to smoke cannabis purely out of habit and convenience. Although rolling a joint can be a little tricky and time-consuming, smoking out of a bong or pipe is extremely quick and easy. You can also use a water bong to filter out many of the impurities in the smoke for a cleaner high.

Users should also be aware that smoking weed is nowhere near as harmful as smoking tobacco. Cigarettes have many toxic chemicals which will significantly damage your lungs and respiratory over time. Meanwhile, cannabis actually has a lot of health benefits for the body and the brain. In fact, recent studies even suggest that smoking cannabis can increase lung capacity. With that said, there are still drawbacks to smoking.

Drawbacks of Smoking

Drawbacks of Smoking

Cannabis can have a lot of positive effects on your health, but smoking isn’t necessarily the best way to get them. While smoking weed is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes, it can still be harmful to the lungs. The burning and inhalation of anything can negatively impact your respiratory function, and research has found that many toxins and compounds are still released when cannabis is burned.

There can also be negatives depending on how users smoke. For instance, as weed doesn’t burn very well on its own, users often roll it with tobacco. This can cause further problems to the health which aren’t worth it.

While smoking cannabis can be convenient, it’s worth looking into alternative options. There are now many ways to use weed which don’t involve the burning of the chemical. These are generally safer and healthier for your body.

Benefits of Vaping

Vaping has quickly become a very popular way to inhale cannabis and other products. It involves the use of a vaporizer or vape pen which heats up your cannabis to create a thick vapor. You can then inhale the vapor for all of the same effects you’d get from smoking.

One of the main benefits of vaping is how convenient and versatile it is. You can do it with regular flower strains of weed, cannabis concentrates or even e-juices. These can all provide a very clear and strong high.

It’s also beneficial for your health. Since vaping does not involve any burning chemicals or smoke, most users consider it a healthier and more positive experience. It will not hurt your lungs or respiratory system and still offers all of the positive recreational and medical effects of cannabis.

In fact, vaping can even give you a more potent high than smoking. A study found that vaporized cannabis generally gave stronger effects when compared to smoking the same amount.

Drawbacks of Vaping

Drawbacks of Vaping

Compared to smoking, vaping has relatively few setbacks. The ability to heat and inhale cannabis leads to a much lower risk of health problems. It’s also just as fast and convenient to get high by vaping.

Users should be aware that vaping often has stronger effects. Research suggests that your body absorbs more of the THC from cannabis when you vape compared to smoking. Users should vape in moderation and not vape when they have an upcoming drug test.

It can also cost a little more. Although there are many cheap vaporizers out there, these can be harmful if they’re made with poor-quality materials that affect the vapor. A high-quality vaporizer which produces pure, clean vapor is a good investment for those who want to enjoy vaping at its best.

Smoking vs Vaping: Which is better for health?

According to the research, vaping is much more preferable to smoking when it comes to your health. While smoking cannabis will still give you the medical benefits of THC and CBD, the smoke produced from it may not be so beneficial for your respiratory system.

Vaping produces all of the same effects as smoking but without any burning chemicals. In fact, it can even give stronger effects and bring out more of the flavor of your products. That means you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the drawbacks of smoking.

Both methods are great ways to enjoy weed and shouldn’t cause too many health problems providing you use them in moderation.

Alternatives to Smoking and Vaping

Alternatives to Smoking and Vaping

While smoking and vaping are usually the most common ways to consume weed, there are plenty of other options. These also provide safe, healthy, smokeless options to enjoy the effects of cannabis.

Edibles produce an even stronger high than smoking or vaping. When you eat cannabis edibles, the THC is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC by your liver- an even stronger form of the chemical. This gives you an intense high that can last for upwards of 8 hours. However, some users may find the high too strong, and it also takes a long time to kick in.

Cannabis Tinctures allow you to get the effects of THC or CBD simply by dropping some oil underneath your tongue. Hold it there for a minute or two and you can instantly get the effects of the cannabinoids.

Cannabis Topicals are creams, lotions, sprays, and other such products which you apply directly to the skin. These give you the medical benefits of cannabis in a quick and easy manner. However, these are purely for medical use and will not get you high as they don’t reach the bloodstream.


Providing you use weed in moderation, both smoking and vaping can be good for your health. In fact, studies even suggest that smoking weed can improve lung capacity. With that said, vaping is generally a safer option for your health as it involves no burning chemicals and toxins while smoking can.