Prisoner Caught Smuggling Weed and Heroin into Jail Inside Kinder Eggs


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A prisoner in Dublin, Ireland’s Mountjoy Prison was given an additional four months sentence on top of his current five year bid after guards at the jail said he was using hollow chocolate candy eggs to smuggle cannabis and heroin into lockup.

According to The Sun, 33-year-old Patrick Morgan was caught after security officials noticed that he was intoxicated and decided to search his belongings. During a search of his cell, guards found a stash of Kinder Surprise Egg chocolate candies that didn’t match the candy’s retail description. Instead of plastic or rubber children’s toys hidden underneath a thin layer of hollow chocolate, Morgan’s candies we packed with more than $500 worth of cannabis.

Once the first contraband chocolates were found, guards performed a more thorough check, eventually uncovering another cache of Kinder Eggs that they would later say were “stored internally.” Inside those counterfeit candies, cops said they found more than $400 worth of heroin. 

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Across the globe, drug smugglers have often employed the use of real or fake food items to try and sneak narcotics past prying eyes. At the US-Mexico border, traffickers have used peppers to hide pot, while another set of UK smugglers tried to disguise ganja as pizza cheese. In fact, last year, a woman in Cheshire, England used the very same Kinder Egg technique to bring ecstasy and cocaine into another prison.

Back in Dublin, Morgan was prosecuted for his drug smuggling operation and was required to stand another day in court between days under lock-up. At the end of the ordeal, Morgan had four months of extra prison time added to his current five year sentence.

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