Orchid Essentials (the Power of a Brand): Making it Personal


    (Orchid Essentials is one of the companies featured in The Power of a Brand: Lessons From 20 Top Cannabis Companies, in the June issue of mg Magazine.)

    Orchid Essentials’ brand story is intensely personal. Chief Executive Officer Corey Mangold began using cannabis in 2015 to relieve anxiety, residual surgical pain, and other medical issues. After consistently experiencing less relief than he believed possible with vape cartridges and batteries, he decided to tackle the perceived problem himself. The former advertising agency executive knew the value of branding, and he built his on one word: pride.



    “Pride is the key word,” Mangold said. “Pride in standing for beliefs that are widely accepted. Safety and efficacy, and a high-quality product, are just as important to the consumer as they are to us. We understand the consumer, the other products on the shelves, and how to create products that line up to the needs and wants of the consumer. We take pride in all those things, and in creating a brand that is intended for the cannabis user who is looking for benefits, a good experience, and a consistent experience they can count on each and every use.”

    With more than twenty years of marketing and branding experience, Mangold used tricks of the trade that had worked for him in the mainstream. From the get-go, he wanted Orchid to stand out on shelves not by screaming, but by quietly insisting to be heard. Packaging is colorful but understated. “I wanted the package to be something a 38-year-old mother of three felt good about putting in her handbag and [at the same time] appeal to cannasseurs, fashionistas, and young professionals.”

    To help spread Orchid’s story, the company dispatches representatives into the field to host retail events for consumers, train dispensary staffs, and educate new users. According to Mangold, it’s important for any brand to educate consumers about its key selling points and how the products are different from anything else on the market.

    In Orchid’s case, the outreach—especially recounting Mangold’s personal journey—has created a kinship, of sorts, with consumers who’ve had similar experiences. “We built the brand with mass-market appeal and a focus on health and wellness,” he said.