Irish Weed Bust Turns Up Coke, Ecstasy, and Gold Bars, Oh My!


Irish police discovered a treasure trove of vices after searching a man’s property, including cannabis growing supplies, cocaine, cases of alcohol, ecstasy/MDMA, cold hard cash, and bars of gold.

On Thursday, Dublin police announced that unidentified man residing in the suburb of Inichore, who is currently in custody, was hoarding over $16,000 worth of illicit drugs. According to, the four gold bars seized by the cops, weighing a whopping 50 grams each, are estimated to be worth just over $11,000.


Photo by An Garda Siochana, via

The man’s stockpile of booze wasn’t cheap, either. Police said they found over 200 bottles of “high value wines and spirits,” with a total estimated value of $22,000, ironically placing the alcohol among the most valuable of all the illegal substances confiscated during the investigation. 

Authorities haven’t stated what charges the man is facing, but they likely have a case that he was dealing. Otherwise, this was one party fiend with some seriously refined tastes.

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