How to Choose the Right Medical Cannabis Ingestion Method for Your Needs | Cannabis Culture


Countries around the world are starting to ease restrictions on cannabis access, including here in the United States. Thankfully our citizens are uniting to push state legislation through, albeit in tiny increments. This revolution has been brought to you by success stories like Charlotte Figi, SuperNova, and Coltyn Turner.

All these years we’ve been taught that marijuana was evil, dangerous and highly addictive. Some of us vividly remember the egg and frying pan and “Just Say No” public health campaigns. Contrary to the teachings of the 1980s, marijuana has proven to have therapeutic potential, causing growing numbers of patients to consider adding cannabis into their therapy plans. The toothpaste is out of the tube and it sure ain’t going back in.

Unfortunately, most have only ever experienced cannabis in a recreational setting with few legal options for access. The bleary-eyed stoner with the joint hanging out of their mouth doesn’t represent patients. Heck, it doesn’t even represent most recreational cannabis users. Many adult consumers are leaders of extremely prosperous companies or entrepreneurs.

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