Get Hands-On With Cannabis in These Weedy Workshops | Cannabis Culture


Vancouver cannabis hub Blyssful Alchemy hosts educational seminars for curious consumers.

When you enter Blyssful Alchemy—Siobhan McCarthy’s Vancouver studio—a pot of cannabis infused chai tea simmers on the stove, cloves and anise bobbing on the surface. The whole place is rich with spicy, warm aromas. Along the wall, shelves are brimming with herbs, essential oils, homemade tinctures, muscle rubs, and a rainbow of every holistic ingredient a modern-day alchemists could dream up.

McCarthy, a cannabis educator and advocate, says her homey hub was designed to feel like your friend’s living room—cozy couches, an electric fireplace, finger foods, and floor-sitting.

As a medical patient, mother, and member of the cannabis industry, she has committed herself to changing the dialogue around the highly stigmatized plant. In her studio, she hosts workshops, educational seminars, and expert speakers—all aimed at getting people “hands-on” with weed.

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