Everything Canadians need to know about vaping cannabis


ether you’re looking to buy a legal vaporizer in Canada, or simply curious about what it means to vape cannabis, you’ve come to the right place. Learn everything you need to know about vaporizing cannabis in Canada here.

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What is vaporizing?

Vaping cannabis means heating flower or concentrate to the temperature required to release its active ingredients, but before it combusts. The active ingredients—mainly cannabinoids and terpenes—are released in the form of vapour, which is inhaled.

Since combustion does not occur, smoke is not created, which is why vaporizing flower (aka bud) is considered healthier than smoking. Vaping concentrates (such as rosin, shatter, and wax) may also be healthier than smoking, although this is a matter of scientific debate, and depends very much on how the concentrate and its associated vape was made.

See our safety tips below for more details, but if you only remember one thing, it should be this: legal, regulated cannabis products and vaporizing devices are always the safest bets.

What are vaporizers?

Simply put, cannabis vaporizers are devices that transform flower or concentrate into inhalable vapour. Devices can be small and portable or large and durable. They can be designed to vaporizer cannabis flower, cannabis concentrates or both. They can be reusable or disposable and come in a variety of price points. Learn more about vapes on the Canadian market here:

Vape safety

In 2019, Leafly broke several stories on vape-associated pulmonary injury, or VAPI, a sometimes-deadly phenomenon associated with illegal vape pens in the US and Canada.

But not all vaporizers are dangerous—in fact, some are sanctioned by Health Canada as medical devices, and recommended by doctors as a quick way to experience cannabis’s therapeutic effects. Importantly, the vape pens causing illness and injury were either sold illegally or filled with unregulated additives—namely vitamin E oil, also known as tocopherol acetate.

Vaping-related illnesses are not associated with vaporizing dry cannabis flowers. The illness is linked to vape pens and e-cigarettes which use e-liquid, rather than cannabis flowers.

Learn more about the vape crisis in the US here and hear what Health Canada has to say about safe vaping here:

Safe vaping dos and don’ts


    • Only purchase Health Canada-approved cannabis vaporizers and/or vape pens from regulated vendors (e.g. legal cannabis stores, medical clinics or licensed producers of cannabis)
    • Consider vaporizing dry flower instead of using a vape pen