DaBaby Says He’s Been On a Weed-Free Tolerance Break Since New Year’s Eve


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With the release of his album Kirk and his hot single “BOP,” Charlotte rapper DaBaby has stepped into 2020 as one of the industry’s hottest MCs. But while his songs continue to catch fire on the Billboard chart, DaBaby is taking the new year as an opportunity to cool down own his longtime love for weed.

According to Complex, the “Suge” rapper told his Twitter followers that he was taking a break from bud to start the year, and that he’s limited his alcohol consumption to only wine.

“I haven’t smoked since the ball dropped,” DaBaby responded to a fan’s comment claiming that he looked high in a recent photo.

From his start in the rap game, DaBaby has never shied away from his love for weed. In early songs, the boisterous North Carolina rapper told stories of swapping strain names to scam Southern buyers, and has always appeared in videos and on stage with a blunt in his mouth. 

But every new calendar is an opportunity for new resolutions, and apparently this year, DaBaby is taking at least the first month of the year to clear his head. Of course, a few weeks without weed will have an effect on any avowed stoner, and famous rappers are no different. In an instance that could possibly be chalked up to green-free irritability, DaBaby is currently caught up in a scandal after security cameras caught him in a physical altercation with a hotel employee.

DaBaby did not mention how long the 2020 tolerance break would last, or if he would be making an exception for CBD flower.

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