Congratulations to New York Cannabis Retail License Winners



Just a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday in November 2022, New York’s Office of Cannabis Management announced the approval of 36 CAURD licenses, giving New Yorkers more reasons to rejoice and be thankful. The OCM also announced that qualifying businesses can launch cannabis delivery services before opening their brick-and-mortar dispensaries. New York’s adult-use cannabis retailers are projected to generate over $1 billion in sales in 2023, growing to around $2.5 billion by 2026, according to the 2022 MJBiz Factbook. The first group of Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary licensees include 28 individuals with marijuana convictions or family members who’d been arrested for the possession of cannabis.

The list of New York cannabis dispensary winners includes a diverse mix of people and businesses, and social equity is the foremost priority for regulatory authorities. A total of up to 175 CAURD licenses will be issued by 2023, with a maximum of 150 individual applicants and 25 non-profit organizations. Eventually, license applications will be sent to the Cannabis Control Board for ongoing review on a rolling basis. Individual licensees will receive support from the social equity cannabis investment fund, which is being funded by licensing fees and cannabis industry revenue collected by the state. This has been a momentous step in kicking off the legal cannabis retail industry in New York, and congratulations to all the CAURD license winners. Following are the names of individuals/companies that have been issued these licenses:

  1. OCMCAURD-2022-000011 Capital District Cannabis & Wellness Inc. 
  2. OCMCAURD-2022-000548 Royal Leaf NY LLC
  3. OCMCAURD-2022-000056 William Durham
  4. OCMCAURD-2022-000558 Keep It A 100 LLC
  5. OCMCAURD-2022-000109 D-Andrews LLC 
  6. OCMCAURD-2022-000565 CGG Enterprises Inc
  7. OCMCAURD-2022-000157 Nube NYC LLC
  8. OCMCAURD-2022-000579 CURED NY, LLC
  9. OCMCAURD-2022-000234 Gabbys Green LLC 
  10. OCMCAURD-2022-000581 Kush & Kemet, LLC
  11. OCMCAURD-2022-000253 Essential Flowers
  12. OCMCAURD-2022-000589 Urban Weeds LLC
  13. OCMCAURD-2022-000274 Brian Stark Enterprises LLC
  15. OCMCAURD-2022-000281 Albert D Capraro
  16. OCMCAURD-2022-000609 CWS Holdings I, LLC
  17. OCMCAURD-2022-000326 Strain Stars LLC
  19. OCMCAURD-2022-000352 On Point Cannabis, Inc.
  20. OCMCAURD-2022-000624 PLANET 51 LLC
  21. OCMCAURD-2022-000361 Smacked LLC 
  22. OCMCAURD-2022-000634 Stage One Cannabis LLC
  23. OCMCAURD-2022-000387 Brent L Rogers
  24. OCMCAURD-2022-000686 Suzanne M Furboter
  25. OCMCAURD-2022-000390 Root 13, LLC
  26. OCMCAURD-2022-000693 NYCCABUDS
  27. OCMCAURD-2022-000402 Gabriel Marin
  28. OCMCAURD-2022-000714 Anthony Crapanzano
  29. OCMCAURD-2022-000406 Housing Works Cannabis LLC
  30. OCMCAURD-2022-000724 SAMINY Holdings LLC
  31. OCMCAURD-2022-000430 Florisun LLC
  32. OCMCAURD-2022-000771 Union Chill Cannabis NY LLC
  33. OCMCAURD-2022-000460 Growth Industries
  34. OCMCAURD-2022-000834 Hydro Phonics
  35. OCMCAURD-2022-000471 The Doe Fund LLC
  36. OCM000471-2022-000521 Carl M. Anderson IIT

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