CBD Being Prescribed by Doctors World Over: Ending ‘Is CBD Oil Legal’ Speculation


CBD oil legal?’ That question is fast becoming redundant. Whereas CBD oil was
once considered a fringe – and frowned upon – treatment, today, medical and
healthcare bodies around the world are investing heavily in it. Globally,
efforts are under way to understand the vast scope for treatment CBD oil

of CBD oil cancer patients received were one of the first instances of cannabis
oil being used medically. It was used to treat the cancer and help reduce the
debilitating impacts of chemotherapy. Since then, CBD oil became associated
with pain management.

CBD oil was once used only to manage pain – today it is seen as invaluable treatment.

however, the use of CBD oil for anxiety has been explored. CBD oil side effects
are being probed, and the results have been positive. Its reputation as a
wonder drug is being realized by healthcare organizations around the world.
From multiple sclerosis to autoimmune disorders, CBD oil is being recognized as
a revolutionary treatment option.

Is CBD oil legal? It sure is on the path to being wholly recognized by the international community.

is receiving medical and research attention like never before. Its legalization
in countries such as Canada, acceptance in the European Union and in so many
other countries has opened the flood gates of research. And policies are
changing fast. In only a few years, some of the biggest and most respected
healthcare bodies and regulators have approved cannabis oil for many different
ailments – even those afflicting children.

this article we are looking at how the ‘Is CBD oil legal’ speculation is fast
becoming redundant.

European Union approves cannabis oil for seizures

late July 2019 it was reported that the European Medicines Agency, an EU body,
approved the prescription of CBD oil for treating seizures. Its decision was
based on research that showed CBD oil stops or very significantly reduces
seizures for numerous conditions.

Doctors in the UK can now prescribe CBD oil

healthcare bodies are typically reticent about prescribing treatments other
than allopathic. And so it was with the National Health Service (NHS) of the
United Kingdom. However, it recently allowed its doctors to prescribe CBD oil
to children. It is an extremely important decision as the NHS is one of the
most respected healthcare services in the world.

Australia begins formal testing of CBD oil for anxiety

traditional PTSD treatments failing to deliver results, Australia is turning to
CBD oil. The country is running drug trials to test the effects of CBD oil for
anxiety. Over 300 people are said to be taking part, many of whom are war

Can doctors prescribe CBD oil in Canada?

Canada is one of the most accepting markets for CBD oil in the world. No wonder it has been the hotbed of medical research testing CBD oil side effects. Not just CBD oil cancer patients are prescribed, patients use different strains, formulations and methods of administering CBD to treat a whole host of ailments and manage their pain. There are many cannabis clinics you can visit to receive professional advice, and some of the best CBD oil suppliers in the world.

Do Workplace Benefits and insurance cover CBD oil?

any other medicine, doctors are allowed to prescribe CBD oil to patients if
they feel it will be beneficial for their condition. The doctor must provide a
medical authorization under Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations
to prescribe patients medical cannabis. Insurance companies now permit coverage
of medical coverage in their plans. However, it may be an add-on. Similarly,
Workplace Benefits should cover CBD oil prescribed by doctors.

Receiving Tax Credits for Medical Cannabis

A resounding answer to ‘is CBD oil legal’ is that you can claim tax credits for CBD oil in Canada. You need to show medical authorization and that cannabis was sourced from a Health Canada approved producer to. Pursuant to that, you can claim CBD oil as a medical expense in your tax return.

Is CBD oil legal in the US?

United States of America has taken a more conservative approach than most to
CBD oil in the past years and decades. Medical use of CBD oil has been
discouraged and this has fuelled the stigma, ‘Is CBD oil legal?’

2018, President Donald Trump signed law permitting cannabis products with less
than 0.3% of THC content. THC is the compound behind the cannabis ‘high’. Ironically,
most CBD oils only ever had even smaller quantities of CBD oil.

the picture remains a little unclear but widespread opinion is that CBD oil is
legal for use in the USA. Concerns remain primarily due to disparity in laws
between federal and state laws. Regardless, even states traditionally opposed
to medical cannabis have shown changing perceptions. In a recent case, a woman
was stopped by the police for possessing CBD oil in Florida. The arrest was
quashed and prospectors refused to pursue the charge.

A lack of CBD Oil Side Effects

lack of CBD oil side effects has been one of the primary reasons why it is
being looked at closely by health services and doctors around the world. If CBD
oil cancer patients use does not harm them in their fragile state, its side
effects must be very minor, has been the thinking. Indeed, treatment for cancer
was one of the earliest uses of CBD oil.

helps people manage pain, and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy for
cancer patients. No wonder CBD oil is deemed safe for use for young children

Medical cannabis offer previously unexplored treatment options. Patients must make sure that they procure their CBD oil from only the best sources. The quality of the oil can depend on processing, shipping and the research that has been invested in product development. Companies like CBD International ensure that our CBD oil contains the quantity of CBD you expect. You get the best products delivered straight to your door when you buy from us.

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