Saturday, January 28, 2023
New Hampshire Governor Dismisses Legalization Bill's Chances | High Times
Tennessee Bill Would Regulate the Sale of Delta-8 THC | High Times
DENVER – POSaBIT has signed an agreement to acquire MJ Platform, Leaf Data Systems, and Ample Organics from Akerna in a $4-million cash deal. The deal is expected to close during the second quarter, pending approval of Akerna shareholders. Enterprise...
Finding authentic sources of cannabis history online can be like finding a lighter when you need it most… Painfully difficult. Thankfully, one YouTuber is preserving weed history one post at a time. For previous generations, books like Jack Herer’s Emperor...
After a nearly four-year study regarding the best way to regulate CBD, officials at the FDA have concluded that their existing rules don’t fit the unique substance. What that means to you: The FDA has...
Upstate New York Officials Clash Over New Cannabis Regulations | High Times
Weed-Funded Rec Center Opens in Aurora, Colorado | High Times
Catholic High School Teacher Busted for Allegedly Smoking Weed with Students | High Times
Nike Challenges Trademark of Hemp Company Slogan 'Just Hemp It' | High Times
In a historic moment for the cannabis legalization movement, Mississippi’s first legal sale of medical marijuana took place earlier today in the town of Brookhaven. “It’s a very exciting day today,” said Melvin C. Robinson III, executive director of...
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