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January 22, 2020


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Your friendly neighbourhood grow shops, many located in small towns, are still kings for those provinces where grow-your-owns are legal (as that excludes Manitoba and Quebec, these provinces were not polled).

In addition to fertilizers, fans, and LED lights, many stock cannabis-specific innovations, such as mini-binoculars for inspecting your bud or the MagicalButter botanical extractor for making edibles at home.

Here are Canada’s favourite grow shops in each province.

British Columbia’s favourite grow shop

Founded by four friends in the Okanagan region almost 20 years ago, BC Northern Lights has become a trailblazing grow shop because a) their BloomBox and RoomMate automated indoor growing systems are beloved by those with green cannabis thumbs and b) they’ve welcomed everyone into the club, through online how-to-grow manuals, videos, and an active forum.

Alberta’s favourite grow shop

Located five hours northwest of Edmonton, Allan Comeau’s nine-year-old shop specializes in hydroponic, aquaponic, and indoor gardening needs. When Comeau’s not in store, his regulars are in good hands with his senior and junior “customer satisfaction specialists”—cats Hydro and Ponix—holding down the fort.

Saskatchewan’s favourite grow shop

Since opening on Oct. 17, 2018, to coincide with legalization, the Grow Room has set out to become a community hub for veteran growers seeking a specific type of soil, and to curious newbies looking to cultivate for the first time or to make their own gummies. Based on the philosophy that there’s an untapped market of amateur growers ready to grow legally for the first time, The Grow Room also offers 55-minute beginner-level workshops.

Ontario’s favourite grow shop

Homegrown, which opened in 1985 as the first “progressive gardening location in Ontario,” opened a new location last year as part of a joint partnership with HotBox, the people behind the legendary smoke spot HotBox Lounge. Though Leafly readers clearly loved it, that location has since closed, with HotBox opening the HotBox Grow store–supplied by Homegrown–at its original space in Kensington Market instead.

New Brunswick’s favourite grow shop

This 10-year-old shop outside of Moncton, New Brunswick, has a huge selection of products ranging from lighting and air cooling, to climate, water, and odour control. They cater to both indoor and outdoor growers and are as happy to help you with your basil as your bud.

Nova Scotia’s favourite grow shop

In addition to stocking supplies for cannabis cultivation, The Grow Op Shop is a leading educator. The store offers free monthly classes for the aspiring cannabis gardener at cannabis retail and community hub Farm Assists, and is a reliable presence at Nova Scotia cannabis events such as the cannabis advocacy and education weekend PEACE EAST 420 Fest and the John Cook MUMMorial Cup.

Prince Edward Island’s favourite grow shop

There’s a very good reason why Grow Daddy Canada is PEI’s most popular grow shop, and it’s not just because it’s PEI’s only grow shop. Their comprehensive online store sells everything from startup kits for beginners to $2,000 industrial grow lights, with a market of customers from around the world. Their brick-and-mortar store hosts summer barbeques where growers can swap tips, and hosts experts who share tips on topics such as pruning, trimming, and plant training.

Newfoundland’s favourite grow shop

It came down to a tie vote for Newfoundlanders. In the east, St. John’s OG Growers. In the west, Corner Brook’s HomeGrow Experts NL. Both carry the essentials and a variety of nutrients, with OG Growers boasting an extensive website for online shoppers.


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