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If you want the most hard-hitting high possible, it doesn’t get much better than marijuana edibles. Unlike other methods of consumption, marijuana edibles produce a much stronger high. Your liver converts the THC into a more powerful form which can give you intense effects. What’s more, while most other methods will get you high for a few hours, the high from edibles can last around eight hours, and some users even feel it for more. With that said, first-time users need to be very cautious and having a beginners guide to edibles can help.

There are a lot of things you need to know before you take marijuana edibles for the first time. Choosing the right dosage is essential in order to ensure you don’t have a bad trip. You should also know what to expect in terms of when you’ll get high, how long it will last, and what exactly the effects will be.

Marijuana edibles might not suit everyone, but if you want an incredibly strong and long-lasting high, it can be an amazing experience. Most people use them for recreational purposes, but medical users can also benefit from the sustained therapeutic effects of edibles. Here’s our complete beginner’s guide to edibles.

Beginners Guide to Edibles – What are They?

Nowadays, you can consume marijuana in many different forms. For instance, you can smoke or vape cannabis strains and concentrates, use cannabis oils or apply cannabis topicals to the body. Another popular way to get the effects of marijuana is via edibles.

Edibles are food products which are infused with the cannabinoids from marijuana. That means that, when you take THC edibles, you can get all the same effects as you would from smoking weed or other methods of consumption. You can also eat CBD edibles for powerful medical effects.

Marijuana edibles differ quite significantly from other methods of consumption due to their potency. When you eat a THC edible, your body converts it into 11-hydroxy-THC before dispersing it throughout your bloodstream. This is a stronger form of THC which gives you particularly powerful psychoactive effects.

Some people create their own edibles by cooking weed into butter and infusing it into all kinds of homemade products. However, it’s also easy to buy edibles online which are made ready to eat. Edibles come in many different forms, including cannabis gummies, chocolate bars, and even cannabis-infused drinks such as tea and hot chocolate mixes.

Beginners Guide to Edibles - What are They

How Long is an Edibles High?

When you use THC edibles, you should expect more powerful effects and a much longer high than you’d get from other methods of consumption. This is due to the way your body converts THC upon digestion.

When you eat a marijuana edible, you may need to wait one or two hours before you even feel effects. Your body must digest the edibles first and, as such, you’ll need to wait a while before you feel high. Users with faster metabolisms will likely feel the effects come on much quicker. Your body weight, the type of edible you consume, and your tolerance levels can also have an impact.

However, once the effects of edibles kick in, you should expect a seriously long-lasting high. When you smoke weed, you usually experience effects for around an hour or two. With edibles, peak effects happen at around two to three hours according to research but the effects can continue for around eight hours. Some users even report feeling mild effects for up to 12 hours after consumption.

This is why it’s important for beginners to use edibles wisely. You shouldn’t eat more while you’re still waiting for the effects to wear off, let alone when you’re waiting for them to kick in. Taking too much can result in a bad trip with the effects lasting for many hours. However, providing you’re prepared, you’ll enjoy the sustained relaxing and euphoric effects of edibles.

What are the Effects of Edibles?

When you use THC edibles, you can expect the same effects as you’d get from smoking weed, only they’ll be much more powerful. Recreational users will enjoy the strong psychoactive effects whereas medical users can benefit from the relaxation and medical perks.

When the effects of edibles kick in, you’ll feel a powerful sense of euphoria and relaxation over your entire body. You can lay back, relax, and enjoy the tingly body high. This can also be beneficial for medical users who want to treat pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, and other kinds of physical pain and tension.

The effects on the mind are also particularly strong. You’ll feel much more curious and creative and your senses will be heightened. This can make any activity, from watching television to playing music, much more interesting and fun. This can also be useful for medical users trying to tackle mood disorders. Scientific studies show that cannabis can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety.

An edible high can be highly sedating, and as time goes on, you might have a hard time keeping upright. Many users find themselves locked to the couch or needing to rest. Despite the fact that edibles are food products, you’re also likely to get the munchies.

Effects can differ between different edibles depending on the strain or cannabinoid extracts they use. For instance, some have more relaxing indica-focused effects whereas edibles which use sativa extracts will be more mentally stimulating. If you want to get the medical benefits without the psychoactive high, you can also use CBD edibles.

What are CBD Edibles

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD Edibles are a popular option for medical marijuana users who don’t wish to get high but still want the medical benefits of cannabis. CBD Edibles can be made with marijuana or hemp extracts and contain high levels of cannabidiol- the cannabinoid in cannabis known for its therapeutic qualities.

Scientific research has uncovered a wealth of helpful effects CBD can have on the body. For instance, it can relieve pain and inflammation in all kinds of conditions. CBD is also particularly effective at helping with anxiety and sleep problems. Studies also show that CBD can have antidepressant-like effects. Some users also use CBD to help with seizures, glaucoma, migraines, and skin problems.

Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. It has no psychoactive side effects and, as such, can be used without any risk of a bad trip or negative consequences. It’s also non-addictive and you can not overdose on CBD. Many medical users opt for CBD products over THC products due to its high safety profile.

CBD Edibles can also come in all kinds of forms from gummies to drinks and everything in between. You can also find edibles that contain both THC and CBD- these provide a mild high along with a wealth of medical benefits. However, pure CBD edibles are a good alternative for those who want to avoid the effects of THC.

Beginners Guide to Edibles Dosages

Due to the potency of edibles, it’s important to dose wisely. In small to moderate doses, the high can be very enjoyable for both recreational and medical purposes. However, taking too much can result in a bad trip or cause uncomfortable side effects.

Usually, THC edibles are split into servings of around 10 mg of THC. This is a suitable dosage for anyone who’s taking edibles for the first time. Even if you’re used to smoking weed or using other kinds of cannabis products, edibles are much more potent and you should always start off with a low dosage. If you enjoy the effects, you can always increase the dosage by around 10mg in future uses.

Another common approach is to microdose with edibles. This involves splitting them into smaller servings of around 2.5 – 5 mg. Microdosing edibles can give you milder effects which will make you high without being too overwhelming. Medical users often microdose with edibles as the therapeutic effects of THC are powerful even in low dosages.

When it comes to CBD edibles, the amount you use depends on what you’re using them for. If you want the general benefits of cannabidiol and relief for regular issues like headaches and mild pain, a daily dosage of around 15 mg of CBD is usually recommended.

If you’re using CBD edibles to help with health symptoms, the dosage can vary. Studies suggest that a dose of around 15-25 mg helps with pain and inflammation. A higher dosage of around 7-30 mg per kg of body weight can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety fast. Clinical trials on using CBD for epilepsy found that a dosage of 20mg per kg of body weight is effective for reducing seizures.

Bear in mind that you can be much more liberal with CBD edibles as they don’t produce psychoactive effects. When it comes to THC edibles, it’s always best to start with a low dosage of 10 mg or less before you get used to the intense effects.

Where to Buy Marijuana Edibles

Where to Buy Marijuana Edibles

While you might not find edibles in stores right now, you can buy marijuana edibles online. stocks a range of cannabis edibles and drinks to suit every user. Here are some of the most popular marijuana edibles you can buy.

Ed & Bills Coke Bottles (200mg) – If you enjoy tasty coke bottle gummies, you’ll love these cannabis-infused coke bottles. Ed & Bills are one of the top producers of cannabis edibles and these are one of their most popular products. Each Coke Bottle contains 10mg of THC, and with 20 to each pack, you get a whopping 200mg to give you plenty of uses.

Ed & Bills Sour Gummy Bears (200mg) – If you want some tasty fruit jellies with a sour kick, try the Ed & Bills Sour Gummy Bears. They come in various different fruit flavors, and each one contains 10mg of THC. These make it easy to control your dosage and you can even split them up if you prefer to microdose.

Ed & Bills The Honey Pot (200mg) – Looking for something a little different? Ed & Bills also offer this pot full of THC-infused honey. Whether you drizzle it on your pancakes, add it to yogurt or a smoothie or even just eat it straight up, this can give you a strong psychoactive kick and goes well with all kinds of foods and drinks.

CBD Gummy Bears (100mg) – If you want to try out some tasty edibles without getting high, try these pure CBD Gummy Bears. Made with CBD distillate, each one of these fruit gummies will give you a level dosage of 10mg of CBD. These are fantastic for those who want a healthy treat without any side effects.

CBD Tea by Fleurs – Chill (70mg) – You can also get CBD drinks. Fleurs provides four different types of CBD Teas- Doze, Chill, Woke, and Clean. Each of these is geared to give you therapeutic effects for different purposes. Their Chill tea mix will help you relax while also relieving stress and pain.

Are Edibles Worth It?

Whether you should use cannabis edibles really depends on what your goal is. If you want the strongest high possible, then edibles are the way to go. Microdosing edibles is also ideal for those who want a strong but manageable high.

Medical users can also benefit from edibles. They can be particularly helpful for relieving pain and stress, although some users may want to avoid the long-lasting effects. You can also use CBD Edibles, which provide various benefits without getting you high.

If you want something milder or something that hits you faster, there are plenty of alternatives. In addition to cannabis strains and concentrates, you can also try out oils, tinctures, and vape products.

Are Edibles Worth It?


Beginners should always be wary when using marijuana edibles. Due to their strength, it’s always best to start off with a low dosage. However, if you enjoy the effects and don’t mind getting high for hours on end, edibles can provide a highly enjoyable experience for any cannabis lover. There are also plenty of CBD Edibles available for those who want to avoid getting high. No matter what kind you prefer, it’s easy to buy edibles online and try them for yourself.