An Interview With Greater Goods Founders Carrie Solomon And Jody Ake, Defiantly Optimistic | Cannabis Culture


I love the flavors of Greater Goods — Mint Hibiscus Chocolate, Mocha Crunch Chocolate, Orange Ginger Chocolate and Marshmallow Bon Bons. When I started digging a bit deeper and I saw that Greater Goods founders, wife and husband team Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake, are the duo behind Oregon-based recreational cannabis company Leif Goods…well, I was immediately intrigued. They launched Greater Goods this year as an extension of their successful and delicious line of cannabis infused products to deliver inspired and whimsical creations to the CBD market nationwide. So now, everyone outside of Oregon can experience the joy their confections bring….

Warren Bobrow: You’ve been working in the regulated cannabis industry since 2014, which is much longer than many others. What prompted you to take the leap? What important lessons have you learned along the way? Why is cannabis so important to you?

Carrie Solomon: Jody and I have always been the type of people to leap into new opportunities and embrace change. When we left New York City in 2010, it was without jobs or a certain plan, but mainly to try something completely new and different from the challenging life we’d been living on the East Coast. By the time 2014 came to be, I had worked in a number of design jobs — from a corporate job at Bloomberg Financial in New York, to numerous agency and freelance gigs in Portland. In those years, I produced great work, but was never completely fulfilled, and in fact was pretty unhappy with my creative life. As the emerging cannabis market presented itself to us with the design opportunity of the century — a wide open market that, at the time, was under-serving the demographic to which we most related — I knew it was ours for the taking and an incredible entrepreneurial moment to grab.

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