All you need to know about CBD – The Kinesiology Association conference


Arora Hotel, Crawley – Saturday 25th January 2020

Mr and Mrs Canni will be speaking at the Kinesiology conference on:

All things CBD related!

2.00pm – 2.45pm

There is a lot of press coverage about CBD oils and in our presentation will look at:

  • What is the current legality of CBD in the UK?
  • How can I guarantee I am purchasing CBD safely and getting exactly what I pay for?
  • What is the Endocannibinoid system and how does CBD interact with it?
  • What is the right dosage for CBD?
  • Are there any known interaction with prescription medication?
  • What claims can you make as a practitioner about CBD?
  • CBD absorption methods
  • When do we believe Cannabis will be legalised for recreational use in the UK and when will the medical supply process be fit for purpose?

Non-members are welcome and you can book your place here.

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