Al Harrington Talks Cannabis Sales and Covid-19, The Hiring Power of Social Equity and ‘Never Giving Up’ | Cannabis Culture


As a founder, 16-season NBA player, and father of four, Al Harrington may be more experienced than most at staying cool under pressure and at making tough decisions, including pivots, that benefit a larger goal.

But Harrington, who’s been an active cannabis entrepreneur and advocate since retiring from the NBA in 2014, believes that anyone can find success in their chosen field so long as they’re in it for the right reasons — even now, when roiling change seems to fill the world of business and generally.

As an investor and mentor, Harrington also aims to help others find that success in cannabis, which has been rocked by this global pandemic (like so many other fields, but in some ways especially so). In fact, according to the Viola Extracts CEO, one thing the past few months made clear is that there’s no better time for cannabis industry aspirants to start making their moves.

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