A Guide on Using CBD Oil to Cope with Burnout | Cannabis Culture


CANNABIS CULTURE – We all experience a particular moment in our lives when we feel like life is going well for us. We have the ideal job, in a great company, getting good pay, doing projects we enjoy, and we are hopeful of getting a better position. At that moment, we feel happy and proud of ourselves.

However, though you loved your job, you find yourself wanting to quit. You can no longer stand the workplace toxicity, working 60-80 hours weekly, you feel like your stagnating and powerless, and the pressure of trying to prove yourself is making your entire life miserable.

When the pressures at work are putting you down and grinding on you, you may be getting a burnout. A state of severe exhaustion leaves you overwhelmed physically, emotionally, and mentally due to long-term stress at work.

Hence, if you’re feeling extremely exhausted from crossing boundaries for a prolonged period of time, you’re burned out. You feel like your energy is depleted, and you have none left to keep going, so your physical, emotional, and mental resources are consumed as well.

The bad news is that when you reach that level of burnout, it’s challenging to get out of it. This is why it’s always better to prevent burnout in the first place. The good news is you can help prevent or resolve burnout using CBD oil.

Burnout can be detrimental because it reduces your productivity, robs your energy, and leaves you feeling hopeless, helpless, resentful, and cynical. You get to a point where you feel like you have nothing left to give.

It is a severe condition that can’t resolve itself and, if left unattended, can result in serious physical and psychological illnesses like anxiety, depression, weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes. CBD oil is useful because it helps resolve some of these underlying issues.

We recommend dealing with burnout before it becomes dangerous. After all, when it spills over to your home and social life, it can result in long-term changes that make you vulnerable to ailments like flu and cold because your immunity is lowered. This is where CBD oil comes in.

Burnout Symptoms and How CBD Can Help

When on the edge of burnout, there will be days where getting out of bed alone is a detrimental task. To prevent symptoms from getting worse, this would be a great time to take CBD oil.

Burnout doesn’t develop overnight; it takes time. Hence, the symptoms can be subtle at first and get worse over time. The early signs are more like your body crying for help.

Some of the physical symptoms include:

  •         Change in sleeping habits and appetite
  •         Frequent illnesses due to lowered immunity
  •         Feeling drained and tired all the time
  •         Persistent muscle pain and headaches

CBD oil helps regulate appetite, improve quality of sleep, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve focus and productivity.

Emotional Symptoms:

  •         Loss of motivation
  •         Feeling trapped, helpless, and defeated
  •         An increasingly negative and cynical outlook
  •         Sense of self-doubt and failure
  •         Detachment and often feeling alone in the world
  •         Decreased sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

CBD will help with these symptoms by helping you feel more at ease, boosting your mood, reducing stress and anxiety, and giving you a positive outlook on life.

Behavioral symptoms of burnout:

  •         Isolating yourself
  •         Coming in late and leaving work early, or skipping work
  •         Withdrawal from responsibilities
  •         Using drugs, alcohol, or food to cope
  •         Taking longer to do things or procrastinating
  •         Taking out your frustration on those around you.

CBD will help with these symptoms by reducing stress and anxiety for improved relationships, improving productivity and focus at work, boosting your mood, and preventing addictions and cravings.  

Hence, if you use CBD oil to reduce stress actively, you will also deal with the above symptoms. While using CBD, incorporate self-care practices as well to prevent a significant burnout down the line.

The key to keeping burnout at bay is keeping your candle burning at both ends, and CBD oil plus a healthy lifestyle will help you do that.