6 Weed Products to Help Cure Your Hangover, Just in Time for Thanksgiving


To many, Thanksgiving is a day in which you have a huge meal with loved ones to celebrate posterity and togetherness. But for others, however, the complexities that come along with the holiday — the historical inaccuracies, genocide it preempted, and the wildly uncomfortable interactions with the relatives we barely know — make Thanksgiving a pressure cooker of a day. The steam needs somewhere to go, right? 

Enter Blackout Wednesday. This recently-coined, widespread tradition refers to the act of getting inebriated at hometown bars with everyone you knew growing up the night before Thanksgiving. The only problem, besides contributing to drinking culture and the potential for drunk driving, is the Thanksgiving Day Hangover. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re going to throw up grandma’s “famous oyster stuffing,” or experiencing a mind-altering headache as your mother complains that someone (probably you) forgot the green beans. 

It’s truly terrifying stuff. So let us introduce you to the secret weapon against Thanksgiving hangovers: weed. 

Here are some weed products to help you deal with the inevitable regret that comes from downing shots of cheap whiskey with that kid you kind of knew in gym class. 

Prismatic Plants Good Day Tincture

To combat the proverbial cocktail of anxiety and regret that comes with the morning after a night of heavy drinking with high school acquaintances, Prismatic Plants Good Day tincture is the move. In this magic little vial, adaptogens like Schisandra berry, white Chinese ginseng, and bacopa meet the cannabinoids CBD and CBDa, resulting in you feeling like a human again. 

Price: $70 

Level Hangover Protabs

Level Protabs are capsules with 25 milligrams of cannabinoids that are supposed to take effect within the hour. By focusing on the isolation of different cannabinoids to help with whatever ails you, Level Hangover Protab are formulated to deal with everything that sucks about being hungover — THCA and CBD for pain relief and inflammation, CBG for anxiety after drinking, and Delta-8 for an upset stomach. 

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CBD is great, but sometimes a hangover calls for a little something extra, and that something is THC. If you find yourself feeling the need to feel better like right now, Goodmints are designed to be fast-acting and low dose, perfect for handling the chaos of a Thanksgiving day kitchen. Available in three CBD:THC ratios (4:1, 1:1 and 1:4) you’re covered no matter how hard you went the night before. Or how much alcohol is still lingering on your breath. 

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Sonder Vape

When it comes to getting high on Thanksgiving Day, discretion is key. You don’t want to explain the smell of weed to a close-minded relative who already thinks you’re a millennial burnout. The female-owned brand Sonder offers full spectrum vape cartridges sourced from their mother’s farm in the Emerald Triangle. Yep, that’s right, Sonder grows its own flower, which is rare these days. Hit its SFV OG cartridge out the window of your childhood bedroom before the guests arrive, and feel yourself ease into IDGAF mode. 

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Old Pal Sativa 1/2 Flower Pack 

Sometimes, a hangover is strong enough that it calls for a joint. For this kind of hangover, discretion is thrown to the wind. It’s better to smell like weed than to succumb to nausea on the floor of a family party. Old Pal’s sativa joint pack, with its pre-ground half ounce of social flower (more affordable without sacrificing a good, fun high) and attached pack of rolling papers, its ready to go, even if you aren’t. 

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Lagunitas High-Fi Hops 

While it may be tempting to start drinking immediately in hopes of combating your hangover, don’t. For this particularly bleary, what did I do last night morning, a different hair of the dog will serve you better. Lagunitas has teamed up with AbsoluteXtracts to bring us High-Fi Hops, a perfect weed “beer.” With zero alcohol, zero calories, zero carbs, and 10 milligrams of THC, these light and bubblies are sure to help you ascend from whatever layer of hell the Macy’s Day Parade finds you in this year.  

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Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Lindsay MaHarry writes about weed and music. After spending years in New York covering counterculture for publications like NY Mag, The Observer, Gawker and Spin, she moved to Los Angeles to be happy in the sun. Having loved weed since high school, (so much it actually got her expelled), California’s burgeoning cannabis industry ended up being the perfect fit.