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Marijuana is now legal in every Canadian province. In addition to many legal weed stores popping up all over the country, anyone aged 19 or above can now buy weed online and start enjoying the effects and benefits. Tons of people across the country smoke already, but there are also plenty of beginners who might need some tips for first time smokers.

Getting into smoking weed can be a lot of fun, but there are a few things you need to know. You should be prepared so you know how to smoke, how much to smoke, and what exactly to expect from your high. Here are five top tips for first time smokers to get you started.

1. How to Choose the Right Strain

When you buy weed for the first time, you’ll notice just how much variety there is. There are many different strains, each with their own unique properties and effects. These are generally split into three broad categories.

Indica strains are known for their relaxing properties. These are the strains which will help you mellow out, relax, and take away any physical pain and any mental stress. They’re ideal for nighttime use, but the soothing and calming effects can come in useful at any time.

Sativa strains are much more likely to perk you up and make you feel uplifted and energetic. They’ll instantly boost your mood and wash away feelings of depression. They can also make you feel more focused and creative. These will heighten your senses and make you enjoy every task more. Sativa strains are perfect to wake up with or use in the daytime for motivation.

How to Choose the Right Strain

Balanced-hybrid strains are cannabis strains which mix both indica and sativa genetics. They might lean more towards one or the other or they might have a 50:50 ratio. Whichever way, you’ll get both physically relaxing and mentally uplifting effects. These are known as great all-rounders which can come in handy at any time of the day.

Even amongst these categories, each strain can have differences based on their terpenoid and flavonoid profile. Fortunately, when you buy online you can see strain descriptions and reviews to help you make your choice. Any of these can be enjoyable and you may want to try out a little of everything.

2. Joint, Bong or Pipe?

The next big choice is how exactly you should smoke. Rolling a joint is a common and typical method that only requires rolling papers and a makeshift roach. It can be a little tricky, but you can find online guides on how to roll the perfect joint.

Alternatively, you could smoke out of a bong or pipe. These are incredibly easy to use- just add some weed to the bowl, light it, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Smoking out of these will generally give you a harder-hitting and longer high than smoking from a joint. It’s also more convenient.

You can also try vaping. This involves putting your weed in the chamber of a vape pen or vaporizer then hitting a button to heat it up and inhale the vapor. Research suggests this can deliver stronger effects and be safer for the lungs.

Whichever way, make sure you inhale the smoke or vapor into your lungs and hold it there for just a few seconds to get the effects.

Smoking in Joint, Bong or Pipe

3. How Much Should You Smoke?

Many beginner users will also be confused about dosages. How much weed should you put in a joint, bong, pipe or vape and how much of it should you smoke?

This can depend from user to user. The effects of marijuana will hit some harder than others, and beginners might not even feel it their first time. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

One study estimates that people use 0.32g of marijuana in a joint on average. You could use even less for a bong or vape hit.

However, beginners may not want to smoke it all up. Taking it hit by hit is a good way to determine where exactly your tolerance level is. Once you’re at a good level, you can stop smoking until you feel like re-upping your high. Taking it slowly is the best approach for beginners and can help avoid a bad high.

4. What Effects to Expect

Effects can vary widely depending on how much you smoke, what strain you smoke, your tolerance level, your mindset, and other factors.

Most of the time, smoking weed will make you feel relaxed and euphoric. It can put you in a happier state, calm your mind, and send soothing waves all over your body. You may also feel more giggly, social, creative, in addition to many other effects.

It can also have benefits for your health. Smoking marijuana can help with pain, anxiety, stress, depression, inflammation, and many medical symptoms and conditions.

For the most part, expect to feel mellow and happy and have much more fun taking part in any activity.

What are the Laws on Marijuana

5. What are the Laws on Marijuana?

Canadian marijuana laws state that adults aged 19 years or over can legally purchase and use marijuana. In Alberta and Quebec, adults aged 18 can also access marijuana locally.

The possession limit for dry cannabis is currently 30 grams. However, if you order weed online and keep it stashed away safely at home, you can keep as much as you want. Public possession limits also vary for different types of cannabis products such as oils and edibles.

While some provinces allow smoking in certain public areas where tobacco is allowed, right now it’s best to smoke in private. Smoking at home or at a friend’s house is legal everywhere providing the landlord doesn’t restrict it on their property.


These tips for first time smokers will help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. While marijuana can have powerful effects, there isn’t too much to worry about. Smoke in moderation and stay in a positive environment and you can have a great experience every time. It’s also important to keep your local weed laws in mind, but as long as you smoke in private and don’t exceed possession limits you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Enjoy your first time!