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When it comes to using cannabis, vaping is one of the best methods of consumption available. It’s a smokeless method which allows you to heat up your cannabis and inhale the vapor. This is healthier than smoking as it reduces toxins and doesn’t cause damage to your lungs. It can even give you a stronger high. However, to get the most out of the experience, you’ll need one of the best cannabis vape pens.

Cannabis vape pens come in many different forms. Some are disposable whereas others could last you for a lifetime. Some vape pens can be used with concentrates and herbs. Some are disposable but give you a quick and affordable hit of THC or CBD. There’s a lot on the market, but here are our five best cannabis vape pens.

1. Airis 8 Gold Vaporizer

Airis 8 Gold Vaporizer

The Airis 8 Vaporizer is one of the absolute best cannabis vape pens. It’s designed for use with oils and concentrates. In fact, Airis 8 even works as a portable dab pen. The metal nail is ideal for enjoying high-potency concentrates. This can give you an exceptionally hard-hitting high that lasts longer than your average cannabis high.

This vaporizer is made from high-quality components which will ensure you get nice fresh vapor. It’s also nicely designed and very easy to use. The Airis 8 Vaporizer looks sleek and stylish, but still discreet enough to enjoy in public.

You also have multiple different options when it comes to color. The Airis 8 Gold Vaporizer may be the most popular. However, the Airis 8 Black Vaporizer and Airis 8 Silver Vaporizer work just as effectively. All of these can provide you with a pure, clean vape high from concentrates.

2. Culture Disposable Vape Pen

Culture Disposable Vape Pen

If you want a simple, no-nonsense, disposable vape pen, then you can’t go wrong with the Culture Disposable Vape Pen. One of these will help you get high straight away. They also have a slick black design which adds some style and discretion.

This disposable vape pen comes with 400mg of BHO with indica effects. That means just a little bit of this will make you feel very relaxed. It’ll quickly take away all symptoms of pain and inflammation. It’ll also make you happy, euphoric, and mellow. It provides both a head and body high that you’ll enjoy for hours.

As far as disposable vape pens go, this gives you pretty much everything you need. The device is very easy to use so you can start enjoying it quickly and the oil within will give you a nice smooth high. With the high dosage, you can also enjoy it multiple times.

3. BLOOM CO2 Oil Vape Kit

BLOOM CO2 Oil Vape Kit

If you want an all-in-one vape kit, complete with potent cannabis oil, then check out the BLOOM CO2 Oil Vape Kit. You’ll get one of these fantastic-looking BLOOM vape pens which you can use many times over with other products.

You’ll also get a battery, USB charger, and a vape cartridge full of some of the best oil. This one comes in the form of Blue Dream- a popular cannabis strain with invigorating hybrid effects. You can expect to feel incredibly happy, energetic, creative, and focused, along with a soothing body high.

Vaping with this kit also allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of Blue Dream with hints of sweet berries. It’s a well-built device with a ceramic core to ensure the best taste and quality of your products. Definitely one of the top choices when it comes to cannabis vape products.

4. Sky Extracts Vape Kit

Sky Extracts Vape Kit

Another high-quality vape kit that gives you everything you need to vape potent cannabis. The Sky Extracts Vape Kit comes with a USB charger, vape battery, and vape cartridge. It’s super discreet, barely looking bigger than your average pen. This makes it perfect for those who need a hit of medical cannabis while on the go.

The cartridge contains pure, 90% potency THC distillate. This can give you a super strong high, and you’ll likely be able to enjoy this more than once. Expect strong effects of relaxation and cerebral effects which will enhance your senses and tantalize your mind.

You also have a couple of alternative options for cartridges. The regular cartridge comes with the taste and effects of popular Durban Poison. However, if you prefer to vape for purely medical purposes, you can also opt for a pure CBD cartridge. You can also use the 1:1 CBD/THC cartridge for a balanced mix of both medical and recreational effects.

5. TUCANN Disposable Distillate Vape Pens

TUCANN Disposable Distillate Vape Pens

Those looking for a disposable for enjoyable vape pen will love the TUCANN Disposable Distillate Vape Pens. Each one comes with 500mg of distillate which packs plenty of THC. The contents can last you a few sessions, each giving you a powerful and invigorating high that will give you effects for hours.

You can try this out in five tasty options. Mango Punch, Pina Colada, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Passion, and Watermelon. All of these fruity flavors will tickle your tastebuds while also providing great effects for your body and mind.

The TUCANN Disposable Vape Pens are very simplistic looking and small enough to carry around in your pocket. You can use these anywhere for a fast-acting and super enjoyable high. And despite its disposable nature, you can still get a few uses out of this simple-to-use pen. Another one of the best options on offer for those who need something straightforward with amazing flavors.


There are many vape pens on the market, and whether you need something to vaporize concentrates, oil or other products, you have a lot of options. These are some of the best cannabis vape pens to suit all kinds of users. Whether you want something with strong recreational effects or something for a quick medical hit, all of these can suit your purposes.

As for vape products, we also provide a wide variety of vape cartridges and e-juices. If you have a vape pen that’s compatible with concentrates, you can also check out some quality cannabis concentrates. All of these products are available to order for delivery all over Canada, so you can get the cannabis products you need without any hassle.