10 things you may not know about HEMP. The Swiss Army knife of Plants!

  1. The protein in hemp seed resembles the protein found in human blood.
  1. Hemp seeds contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, linoleic acid, and gamma linoleic acids (GLA’s).
  1. Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC less than 0.3%.
  1. Hemp seed can be used to make Beer!
  1. Hemp oil can be used as fuel.
  1. Hemp fibre can be used to make car parts, carpets and much more.
  1. Thomas Jefferson drafted both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution on hemp paper which is one of our most sustainable options for the future of paper based products.
  1. Hemp stalks can grow up to four metres tall, without needing pesticides.
  1. Hemp consumes four times more Co2 than trees and its 12 to 14 week growing cycle makes it a sustainable crop that effectively fights global warming.
  1. Hemp plants remove toxins and radioactive chemicals from the soil and were planted at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site.

All of The Canni Family Oils are mixed with Hempseed oil which has a perfect synergy with CBD.

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